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The GoldLynks Club
Dedicated to the Advancement and Enrichment of all our Members

Man has treasured Gold and Silver for it's rarity, beauty, and value for more than 5,000 years. Emperors, Kings, Sultans, and Sheiks valued Gold and Silver as the one secure asset in an insecure world. From the dawn of the time to the dawn of the new Millennium, governments and civilizations have come and gone but the value of Gold and Silver has endured.

With the birth of organized civilizations man has crafted Gold and Silver into coins as a measure of value and means of trade and commerce. Throughout the years the value of these coins has appreciated as collectors items. Many  of these coins are highly prized, and considered to be works of art.

*  A 1933 $20 St Gaudens recently sold for over $7.5 Million Dollars !

The GoldLynks Club was founded to help all people appreciate the value and beauty, as well as understand the power of adding Rare Coins to their portfolio
for future appreciation, and as a hedge against inflation. GoldLynks Rare Coins offer long term stability, and a great profit potential!

The Goldlynks Club provides it's Members with ongoing training in Gold and Silver Rare Coins, as well as an opportunity to purchase Rare Coins at special prices not available to the general public.

Goldlynks Club members also receive the GoldLynks News, a quarterly newsletter, which keeps you up to date on all the latest trends in the Rare Coin markets, and Incredible Special offers on Rare and Collectable Coins.

Build Security For Your Financial Future

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Membership Has It's Benefits
With an average rate of return from 12% to 24%
annually,  Rare Collectable Coins are one of worlds the most attractive investments. GoldLynks experts search the globe for rare buying opportunities, and with the buying power of the Club is able to offer it's Members incredible discounts.

The GoldLynks Club makes buying Rare Coins easy with our Members Only Special Purchase Plan. Just one purchase through the GoldLynks Club can easily offset the cost of the annual Membership! 

New GoldLynks Club Membership Special
Annual Club Membership $79*
Includes Your Choice -
Silver or Gold Starter Package ($50 Value) FREE!

GoldLynks Club members get access to the Private Members Center where they have unlimited use of the training and special offers on Rare Coins. Members also receive their own V-Cash account, provided by Cash Cards International for the safe and secure storage of your Cash, Gold, Precious Metals, and Rare Coins.

* Earn a $20 Fast Start Bonus on all new Members you refer !

Quarterly Membership Dues
Earn Incredible Income on 10 Levels of GoldLynks Members

GoldLynks Club members are required to pay $30 Quarterly Membership Dues.
Your dues start approximately 90 days after you join the club. The dues are fully commissionable with our 10 Level Downline Bonus plan. Calculate your income!

Spectacular Museum Quality Specials
These Brilliant, Uncirculated, Collectors Coins, are an
incredible value for GoldLynks Club Members

Starter Package Specials

Morgan Silver Dollars 
Vintage 100 Years Old

Swiss 20 Gold Frank 
Vintage 100 Years Old

Click Here!

Click Here!

Retail value of $199.95
GoldLynks Members Price
Only $50*

Retail value of $199.95
GoldLynks Members Price
Only $50*


Pre 1933 American Classics

$20 Liberty Head

$20 Saint-Gaudens Eagle

$20 Liberty Click Here!
Vintage 1838-1907

$20 Saint-Gaudend Click Here!
Vintage 1907-1933

Retail value of $599.95
GoldLynks Members Price
Only $150*

Retail value of $1249.95
GoldLynks Members Price
Only $250*

*Members Only Special Purchase Plan

GoldLynks Club Members can take advantage of our new Power-Cycler.
Make a small deposit and Earn your Purchase by referring 2 other Purchasers.
Then you can get paid from from the Total Company Sales World-Wide
You need just 14 Downline sales to Cycle. You Can Power-Cycle Daily! 

Rare 1903 Morgan Dollar Gem Proof $34,000.00 (value)
GoldLynks Buyers have made a Rare Acquisition !

One of only 5 known to exist in the world today this coin is available to GoldLynks Members at a silent bid auction. Minimum Bid: $17,500. 

For the serious collectors only, this Rare Coin is is a flawless MS-68 Museum Quality Piece!
Serious Inquires Click Here!

 Buy ~ Sell ~ Trade 
Rare Coins

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